Wedding Portraits

The day you have dreamed of since childhood will soon be here.  It will be one of the most cherished days of your life and the beginning of a new chapter in your lives.   We want those dreams remembered forever by capturing your special day with photographs, that you and your husband can enjoy together forever.  The photos will tell a story of the meaningful event that will keep the day fresh in your minds for many years to come.

Your special day will be a busy one with many things to think about.  We don’t want you worrying about pictures or make you feel rushed.  We will be there as early as the bride wishes and capture the event as it unfolds with no pressure to hurry.  We don’t just shoot the traditional events of the reception, but also photograph special moments throughout the celebration to add to your storybook.  We try to catch the emotions of each moment.  Requests of special friends and family shots are encouraged.  This special event with certain family and friends gathering together may only happen once in your lives, so we want you to remember every moment.

While creating a photo package, the confusion created from so many different packages that are offered in the wedding industry today was kept in mind.  The couple must compare the different packages by checking the time the photographer will be there, the number of prints offered, the type of album the prints come in, and the different sizes and amounts of the enlargements included.  While trying to choose the best package, the couple is also trying to control the wedding budget.  Enlargements and extra prints are desired of course, but that will require more money up front.  With finances being a concern in most couples lives today, this can create a difficult decision.  With that confusion and dilemma in mind, it was decided that only a few simple customer friendly packages be created.  Packages where there were no time limits the photographer would stay or a set amount of prints that would have to be chosen to represent only parts of the special day, while still being easy on the couples budget.  These packages would allow the newlyweds to receive every photo taken for one low price, and then be able to order additional prints later as their budget allows in the future.  The “Full Wedding Coverage” package does just that!  There are few other traditional packages, but with simplicity kept in mind.  The packages are made up of the same  “Full Wedding Coverage” items but a large custom album made up of enlargements of your choice have been added.  View the album/product gallery page to view our albums. Please contact us for further details as we look forward to hopefully photographing your special day.



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